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Reshaping the future of Pizza

At PZZA, we’re reshaping the future of pizza. Our cutting-edge automation solutions seamlessly merge with AI-powered analytics, offering an unparalleled dining experience. We are not just in the business of making pizzas; we’re pioneering a culinary transformation.

Automated Pizza Perfection

Leveraging cutting-edge automation, our system seamlessly transitions from dough preparation to expertly crafting the pizza base, ensuring consistent sauce and topping application. Once baked to perfection, advanced mechanisms precisely segment the pizza, after which it’s adeptly packaged, ready for its final destination.

Pzza Machine Shots


Baking capacity

~120 Pizza per Hour



Length: 600 cm
Width: 400 cm
Height: 175 cm


• Diverse pizza-making capabilities with options for meat, chicken, sausage, mushroom, pepperoni, and corn pizzas.
• Convenient ordering through website, mobile App, or self-order kiosk.
• Flexible production of raw or cooked pizzas, Suitable for restaurants or catering.
• Equipped with refrigeration system, HMI and PLC Controlled System, and stainless steel parts for Quality and hygiene.
• Includes a 20-liter sauce tank with wash-down Capabilities for easy maintenance.

Staffing Efficiency

Enhanced Staff Efficiency

It’s all about getting more done with less effort. Your staff can now focus on essential kitchen tasks while the machine takes care of food assembly reducing staff members, saving time and labor costs.


Higher Staffing Efficiency

Better Waste Management

Waste Management

Say goodbye to excess food scraps and hello to sustainability. Robofood is a waste-reducing champion. Precise ingredient dispensing means no more overuse of toppings or sauces, minimizing waste and lowering ingredient costs.


Waste Management

Less Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Robofood is designed with energy efficiency in mind. Engineered to operate seamlessly, reducing energy consumption while maintaining high production levels. It’s a greener, more sustainable approach to traditional food assembly.


Energy Consumption Efficiency

Your Gateway to Automated Kitchen Excellence

Ensuring Efficiency, Safety, and Data-Driven Precision


Dimensions: 500cm (L) x 310cm (W) x 180cm (H)
Pizza Shape: Rectangular
PizzaSize: 27cm x 17cm
Container: Disposable Aluminum Foil Container
Production Rate: 100-120 cooked pizzas/hr, 300+ raw pizzas/hr
Electrical Requirements: 220 V, 1 Phase, 12 Amp, 50 Hz
Air Requirements: 6 bar
Gas Consumption: 2 m3/hr

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